5 Business Mistakes I made in the past.

Not using CRM 

 Bringing things under one umbrella has significantly helped me to reduce cost overhead. More data means more meaningful decisions. 

Not calculating Value of diminishing return.

  What looks good today may not help you to become better tomorrow. Any investment done on things which has diminishing returns is not going to help until and unless you have enough capital & your sole objective is to increase market share. 

Not investing in Process 

Investing in Process has helped business which I do and I consult to reduce reskilling efforts significantly. At initial days the process was never a priority but if I look back defining the process would have shorten the path of clarity.

Not investing in Automation

At least 30% of the processes can be automated to reduce stress ( Scheduled emails , reminders, posts, drip campaigns, content publishing ). And it can lead to consistency and brand value. I did not know the worth of doing this until I stated doing it by myself. 

Not thinking slow.

    “Followup email”  this is not a 5 minute task. This is a minimum 30 minute task to perform effectively and meaningfully. You need to pull up information , process information , propose information and then also update the CRM effectively so in future if the same lead is being taken by someone else he knows from where to start. Objective of the followup is not to complete the `followup” task. Objective of follow up is to generate interest in the potential customer so S/he can respond. It takes time to understand importance of thinking slow in fast paced environment. Trust me it turned out slow is fast at the end.