Reflection about Entrepreneurship {Profit, Not For Profit and everything in between}

  • Structured data in Sharing Economy and AI world.

    Structured data in Sharing Economy and AI world.

    My fascination with RSS feeds began in 2006 when I wrote my first javascript to parse one. As I learned how to make asynchronous calls to servers and manipulate data, I was captivated by the power of structured data. My next project was for a book publishing house, where I created an auto-updating inventory for […]

  • The RACI matrix: By Far the simplest ideology I came across to manage team.

    The RACI matrix: By Far the simplest ideology I came across to manage team.

    There will be days in your professional life when you feel that oh you learned something which will act like an elevator In your growth, discussion on RACI  Matrix was one of that. I would like to give credit to @Sharada Bose , time to time I take advice from her ( she has been […]

  • 6 TV Shows Entrepreneurs Should Keep Watching in 2019

    When it comes to our perceptions about entrepreneurs, there is this idea that they are constantly on-the-go, hustling their business, improving themselves, reaching new milestones, and obliterating anything that proves to be a distraction. However, despite the fact that entrepreneurs may not have a lot of free time to kill, there is still quite a […]

  • The Books You Should Read In Order To Enhance Yourself As An Entrepreneur

      No matter what your age, the process of learning never ends. We, as humans, are always looking to enhance our skills in our specific fields. When it comes to books, we have compiled a list of the best ones that can help guide you in developing your skills.  As we have entered the new […]

  • 15 Personality Traits of Introverts You Want to Know

    Understanding How Introverts Function in the World. Here’s the thing, you probably know someone who is an introvert. After all, roughly a third to a half of the U.S. population alone consists of this personality type [1]. Whether it is an introvert at your workplace that you’d like to get to know better or someone […]

  • How to Launch a Startup Successfully: Soft vs. Hard Launch Differences

    When launching a new product into the market, there are two strategies that product managers and marketers can use. You can either opt for a soft launch, which is when you introduce the product to the market in a discreet manner and to a small and targeted audience. Or, you can opt to launch the […]

  • 5 Business Mistakes I made in the past.

    Not using CRM   Bringing things under one umbrella has significantly helped me to reduce cost overhead. More data means more meaningful decisions.  Not calculating Value of diminishing return.   What looks good today may not help you to become better tomorrow. Any investment done on things which has diminishing returns is not going to help until […]

  • 2 Books I read recently

    Tribe : We need you to lead us By Seth Godin Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away from Your Competition Book by Anthony Iannarino And I recommend everyone to read it by all professionals. I am sure it will be worth of your time.

  • 10 Things Every Business & Professional Should Learn from the Game of Cricket

    10 Things Every Business & Professional Should Learn from the Game of Cricket

    To many outsiders, the fervent fanfare that dominates the game of cricket, appears feverish, intense, and incomprehensible to most. Why? It can be sorely boring to watch, it requires expensive equipment and turf, a lot of space to play and in some format of cricket single match can take days to complete. Despite this, it […]

  • Can Introvert Be A Good Leader? How?

    This has been prime concern for Startup Founder who are introvert or small town startups who jumps into bandwagon of new city life. As leadership can not be hired upfront for non-funded startups. Introvert founders tends to feel insecure in this glittery startup world. There are some really critical abilities introverts usually has compare to […]

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